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The Race Results History


1st Place   Dan Hoehler               7'1" (3rd Place 2000)

2nd Place  Billy Green                   9'

3rd Place   Stephen Bennett        11' 9"

4th Place    Scott McClinton         19' 5"

5th Place    Derek Browning        80' 9"  (1st Place 2015)


1st Place    Derick Browning       25' 2"

2nd Place   Tom Steinbock          183' 8"

3rd-5th  No Pilots in Scoring Range (under 200 ft.)

No Pilots in Scoring Range (under 200 ft.)

1st Place   Charlie Hurst              1' 2"
2nd Place  John Hitron                 49' 3"

3rd Place   Jerry Copas               119' 4"

4th-5th  No Pilots in Scoring Range (under 200 ft.)
1st Place   Chris Spalding           127' 3"(1st Place 2006-2007-2011)
2nd-5th No Pilots in Scoring Range (under 200 ft.)

1st Place   Chris Spaulding          4' 4"  (1st Place 2006 & 2007)
2nd Place  Jady Wade                  48' 5"
3rd Place   Tom Brutscher            52' 4"

4th Place   Patrick Dailey              56' 10"
5th Place   Peyton Hoge               141' 14"

No Winners-All pilots were over the 200 ft from the target. 

Prize money split equally among all pilots.

1st Place   Ray Donner                 26' 8"
2nd place  Nick Donner               13' 10"
3rd-5th place No winners in scoring range (over 200 ft.)


Winners of the race… None!  All pilots were out the target range. 
The wind blew them wide left after hare balloon landed.

2007 Winners of the race and their distance are…
1st place          Chris Spalding    26 feet 5 inches 
2nd place        Matt Torgerson   45 feet 1 inches 
3rd place         Wayne VanAllen 53 feet 4 inches 
4th place         John Freeman    59 feet 8 inches
5th place           Tim McClain       95 feet 

2006 Winners of the race and their distance are…
1st place          Chris Spalding   10 feet 4 inches 
2nd place        John Herbst        10 feet 9 inches 
3rd place         Don Smith           14 feet 6 inches 
4th place         John Daugherty  30 feet 5 inches
5th place         Tom Steinbock   44 feet  8 inches

2004 Winners of the race and their distance are…
1st place          Jerry Copas        4 feet 3 inches  (2nd place in 2000 & 2001)     
2nd place        Nick Donner        8 feet 9 inches 
3rd place         Roy Stinson      11 feet 7 inches 
4th place         Bill Smith           16 feet 7 inches
5th place         Ray Donner       19 feet                  (3rd place in 2002 & 5th in 2000)
2002 Winners of the race and their distance are…
1st place          Tim Basey          4 feet 8 inches
2nd place        Jerry Copas      17 feet 2 inches  (2nd place in 2001)
3rd place         Ray Donner       22 feet 3 inches  (5th place in 2000)
4th place         Mike G. Wade  40 feet 2 inches
5th place         Doug Hughes   46 feet 1 inche

2001 Winners of the race and their distance are…
1st place          Bob Corey        1 foot 1 inch  (the closest ever)
2nd place        Jerry Copas      1 foot 9 inches
3rd place         Randy Oats       4 feet 3 inches
4th place         Mike S Wade      13 feet 8 inches
5th place         Doug Peterson  20 feet 5 inches

2000 Winner of the race and their distance are…
1st place          Bob Corey        1 foot 11 inches
2nd place        Mike Ehrler       4 feet 2 inches
3rd place         Dan Hoehler     13 feet 7 inches
4th place        Stuart Crawford 18 feet 5 inches
5th place        Ray Donner          57 feet 8 inches

Balloon Race Schedule
5:00 pm - Airport Gates Open!  Food Venders, Brass Band Music, Inflatables for the kids to play on,  Tethered hot air balloon rides.  Free Admission and Parking.

6:30 pm - Pilots meeting at the VIP Hangar.

7:00 pm - Balloons lift off 10 minutes after the lead balloon leaves (weather permitting)

8:30 pm - The final balloon lands at the target area (approx time)

*Schedule for Friday is the same for Sunday if needed. Listen to Hometown Radio Network for Updates!

For one evening in June, the skies above Central Kentucky are transformed to a colorful canvas, as hot air balloons lift off from the Junction City Airport. Nothing rivals the majestic beauty as these graceful giants leave the ground to take their place in the sky.

The Great American Balloon Race has become a family event, one that parents and children look forward to each year! There's something for everyone to enjoy...brightly colored balloons filled with equal parts of hot air and wonder, lively music, inflatable games and much more!

Listen to Race Coverage Live on Z-105 WRNZ 105.1 FM or listen live on the internet at 

Starting at 6:00 pm, tune-in for complete coverage of the race from the ground, from several balloons and Charlie Perry broadcasting live in an airplane. Find out where the balloons will land.

Date:      FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2017 (Rain/Wind Date: June 4th)

Where:  Danville-Boyle County Airport in Junction City, Kentucky

When:   Gates Open at 5p.m. Liftoff after 7 p.m.

Admission:  Free!  Parking:  Free!

Food and Drinks Available!  Bring hat, sunscreen, chairs and blankets.   Come early and have a picnic at the Airport!!!

The Great American Balloon Race

Presented by Bluegrass Community Bank

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