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Joe Mathis

Host of the "Joe Show"  Mornings on WHBN

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Mark Stevens

Kim Chase

Rick Morgan

Kevin Freeman

Special Programming

The Swap Shop  9:30 a.m. and 3:06 p.m. (Monday - Friday)

The Sunshine Gospel Hour  11 a.m. - Noon  (Saturday)

Obituary Report  7:35 a.m., 8:35 a.m., 12:05 p.m., 5:05 p.m., 10:05 p.m & 11 :05 p.m.

MRN's NASCAR Today News Report 4:45 p.m. (Monday - Friday)

Centre College Home Football Games.  (For Schedule: CentreColonels.com)

On-Air DJ Schedule


1:00  a.m.        Kevin Freeman  

6:00  a.m.        Joe Mathis   

10:00 a.m.       Kim Chase

3:00 p.m.         Mark Stevens    

8:00 p.m.         Rob Lee



1:00 a.m.        Kevin Freeman
6:00 a.m.        Rick Morgan

7:00 a.m.        Radio Rick
12:00 p.m.      Dave Sanders 

3:00 p.m.        Ron Foster            

8:00 p.m.        John St. John



1:00 a.m.        Kevin Freeman

6:00 a.m.        Big League Fishing Show
7:00 a.m.        Radio Rick    
12:00 p.m.      Dave Sanders 
3:00 p.m.        Ron Foster               
8:00 p.m.        Mark Stevens

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